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end of season

by Ivan Samaniego, 2009-04-11T20:00:23.000-07:00April 11 2009, at 08:00 PM PDT

Hello Everyone.
It’s been different for me this year. Not being an expectator but actually being behing the bench it’s different.
I don’t know if I will do it again, though.
I would like to thank all the parents for being there with their kids, practices and extra practices and of course being there on time fo... [more]
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Battalion fundraising:

2009-01-17 08:36 PST by Ivan Samaniego (0 Comments)

This is a great opportunity for us to raise money for our team year end Banquet and Awards.
$13 ea... [more]

Boston Pizza

2008-12-20 05:57 PST by Ivan Samaniego (0 Comments)

Guys! Check out the Christmas lunch pictures.

Practice Cancelled

2008-12-17 01:58 PST by Ivan Samaniego (0 Comments)

The practice for tonight ( Wednesday Dec 17 @ 7:25 pm ) at Cassie Campbell is cancelled.Please email or call Craig to confirm that you hav... [more]


2008-12-05 08:05 PST by Ivan Samaniego (0 Comments)

We did the draw of the tickets at the Varsity Practice tonight (Friday).The square that came up was "J9" and the winner is DIANNA JERENGOTTO. Congr... [more]

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2008-12-27T10:46:13.000-08:00December 27 2008, at 10:46 AM PST, Ivan Samaniego said:

Congratulations guys. You played a good game today. Let's play even better tomorrow.

2008-12-23T19:59:36.000-08:00December 23 2008, at 07:59 PM PST, Ivan Samaniego said:

Merry Christmas everyone. Best wishes from Ivan, Alexander and Family.

2008-12-02T13:30:52.000-08:00December 02 2008, at 01:30 PM PST, Craig Dunkerley said:


Hey Kings Players!

Come join us for the Kings TEAM Christmas lunch!

We want you to take part in gathering for the team’s Christmas Lunch!

Date: Lunch will take place on December 14, 2008

Time: Lunch will be at 2:00pm

Location: Boston Pizza!

On Queen Street at Airport Road

We will be ordering pizza & pop for the players, which will be paid for.

Parents are welcome to attend but will be responsible for the cost of their own lunch.

Please RSVP your attendance.
Craig: (905) 457 - 9392

2008-11-15T09:54:14.000-08:00November 15 2008, at 09:54 AM PST, Craig Dunkerley said:

Hello Team,

We have the Varsity treadmill booked for Friday evening November 28, 2008 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

The cost is $32 per player if four players attend.

There are 3 spots still available.

If you are interested in attending, please see me with your payment. It will be first come first served.

If we get commitments for future sessions, we will book more.

The treadmill is an excellent program offered by Varsity that will teach the player proper technique, stride and motion to improve overall skating speed and control.

A regular off ice program such as the treadmill also improves a player’s endurance on the ice.

Hopefully we can get many of the players to attend at least one session to get first hand experience of proper skating technique and then continued sessions to benefit from the endurance side of it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Best Regards,


2008-11-12T17:11:14.000-08:00November 12 2008, at 05:11 PM PST, Craig Dunkerley said:

Hello Team,

This is just a reminder to everyone that after this weeks game on Saturday November 15th we will be having our team pictures taken.

Please ensure you have completed your order form that everyone had handed to them two weeks ago.

Best Regards,


2008-11-12T16:21:19.000-08:00November 12 2008, at 04:21 PM PST, Craig Dunkerley said:

Hello Team,

Henri gave us the name and phone number for a denturist in Brampton that does Custom mouth guards.

Any one who has one says they are great.

I have spoken with him and if we can get enough players to want one done he will come to one of our practices to make them up.

He wants 8 or more to come to us, otherwise players would have to go to his home office to have one done.

Please let me know if you are interested and if we get enough interest we can book him to come out.

The cost for each is $35 cash.

Best Regards,


2008-11-12T15:51:00.000-08:00November 12 2008, at 03:51 PM PST, Craig Dunkerley said:

Squares for this board of Leaf tickets are the same as the last board at $10 each.

2008-11-12T15:47:18.000-08:00November 12 2008, at 03:47 PM PST, Craig Dunkerley said:

Hello team,
We have received another generous donation of a set of two Toronto Maple Leaf tickets. We have again set up a board of squares to sell. The tickets are for December 08, 2008 and are Gold section 109 row 14. These are excellent seats. Based on the success of the last board, we should be able to do a great job at raising funds for the team with this new set of tickets. Everyone did a fantastic job. We will do the draw for a winner after the game on November 29th.


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